About us

Procesavo is dedicated
to buying, processing and the commercialization
of avocado derivatives.

We are commited with sustainable and the use of resources.

We value the avocado 100%, being aware of the work and time behind the production of each avocado, for this reason we buy rejected avocados throughout the national territory and we process them 365 days a year.

Working hand in hand with our experts we give them a second chance, generating consumer products and renewable energy, taking advantage of the fruit and contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.


Our Process


For you

Fast payment
We buy 365 a year
Steady prices
Unlimited volume
Quick collection

For the environment

A second chance to the damaged avocado
Circular economy
Waste reduction
Environmental conservation
Fight against climate change

Do you have damaged avocado?

We buy them for you

Contact us and our buyer will contact you
Be part of the change